Our Story

The Word “Koma” (go back) in Hausa one of the major ethnic groups in Nigeria embodies the true essence of our vision and mission. It adapts from the Sankofa philosophy of Akan Ghana which is that “it is not taboo to pick up that which is at risk of being left behind”.

In the wake of, globalization, Westernization, Racism and the narrative that Black is synonymous to being disadvantaged, it is only right that we know who we were, who we are and define where we are going as a people.

We utilize technology and the artistic expressions of culture through performative and creative arts to advocate for and teach about culture, history and promote our heritage and values.

We bring the purest African stories

Vision and Mission Statement

Our Vision is to become the most enjoyable, informative, and memorable source/resource for the African experience.

Our mission is to discover and share original pure African stories both past, present and futuristic, while giving rise to ingenuity, innovation, and individual and community pride for individual and community advancement.

Events and Activities

Excursions and Field Trips

We travel to experience and document Cultural Stories, festivals and, Traditions

Book Clubs

It was once said that “reading culture is a dying culture” at Komaclub we not only read but Celebrate African authors and create an opportunity for an enjoyable experience of discussing our picks and selections for the month.

Conversational & Educational Videos

Our YouTube Channel where we document our stories and travels as well as get friends, guests, and the streets talking about cultural experiences is a must visit and hopefully subscribe. Stop by and see what great content we have.

Zobo Creative Club

At our Creative Club, We invent! Yes everybody invents, innovates and unleashes their inner creator. Whether though the use of food, a paint brush, words, a dance, voice, or other material. The world is your stage.

School Tours and Campaigns

We utilize the art of Dance, Drama, Storytelling, Poetic recitals, musicals and other artistic forms at schools to create unforgettable fun memories and instill patriotism in Children and the young at schools.

Monthly Themed Meetings

Our monthly themed events are held on the last Saturday of every month to create opportunities for networking, learning and fun while learning in-depth about specific aspects of culture.

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