Founder’s Story

Growing up as a child in beautiful Jos city, the capital of Plateau State in the north-central part of Nigeria had a huge influence on my understanding of Nigeria as a culturally diverse and culturally rich country. I not only had a first-hand experience, I had a front-row seat watching and learning about the differences and similarities of the over 50 indigenous ethnic groups and, several other settlers such as the Urhobos, Yorubas, Igbos, Hausas, Fulanis, Idomas, and other ethnic groups. Nigeria is home to over 250 ethnic groups and over 500 languages.

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Over the years, civilizations and stories of our people grew and took root in a special place in my heart, sadly, I grew up to realize that our diversity and differences polarized us against each other, as evidenced through nepotism and ethno-religious conflicts. Another sad realization was that there is a loss of good values and the continuous practice of some harmful traditions evidenced by the rise in vices such as 419 or financial crimes and gender-based violence etc. Similarly, I realized that a threat exists to our heritages through a lack of appreciation for innovation and development in our cultural industries.

In 2016 after dreaming about it for a long time, I received the support of my friends and family to start our first event and there began our community of culture lovers which grew into the government recognized NGO that KomaInitiative is today. We carry out events that are fun, unforgettable, and, memorable to convey values and bring culture to life, to make it relevant and relatable as well as actionable for our members today.

My message today is that Culture is who we are, it is Nigeria’s greatest asset. While still largely underutilized, it is a gateway for uniting our people (social integration), encouraging the appreciation of our cultural industries, inspiring innovation, and, more importantly, inspiring our people to be more responsible and reestablish the essential values of humanity. We must never forget who we are. We must celebrate, preserve, protect and pass it on effectively.

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